BMPCC4K with the Meike 50MM - making fake 'title cards' to test the combo | MEIKE 50MM T2.2 - making fake 'title cards' to test a lens

BMPCC4K with the Meike 50MM - making fake 'title cards' to test the combo

The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. BMPPC4k Leica 50mm Summicron SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33. Create . Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. The mem cards are over priced and the codecs are huge — Especially if you’re talking the C300 II. level 1. 2 points · 1 year ago. I've been looking for the in between camera, something that boast a pleasing image like the BMPCC4k but elevates some of the downsides. ... meike cine lenses + tiffen black pro mist + handheld. 41. 19 comments ... Braw 8:1 - UHD to 1080 - f/9.1 - iso400. BMPCC4K and LAOWA 9MM F/2.8 - The best wide angle lens for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - Duration: 1:41. Matteo Bertoli Visuals 31,019 views Thoughts on being in your 20's. Filmed throughout Minnesota with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (BMPCC 4k) with a meike 16mm. MEIKE 50MM T2.2 - making fake 'title cards' to test a lens George M Ivanoff. ... Cinema lenses on the BMPCC4K are a dream for micro four thirds cameras, about time there is a good option for them ... Some footage filmed in DNG Raw 4:1 music: I want you by Brothers in Groove/Art-list Leica Summicron r 50mm Nikkor Ai-s 20mm Nikkor Ai-s 105mm Metabones XL .64

2020.07.02 22:05 georgemivanoff BMPCC4K with the Meike 50MM - making fake 'title cards' to test the combo

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2020.07.02 22:05 LaseyCoken Someone got a wee bit excited for chips!

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2020.07.02 22:05 ai565ai565 Plunge into the world of Sun Ra and the Outer Space Visual Communicator

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2020.07.02 22:05 Teidot This patch is a massive regression for WvW.

I know that the current patch notes are apparently still missing some changes, but I can't see those changing the overall theme of these notes and I wanted to at least make some attempt to hopefully have some of the more egregious changes towned down before the patch went live.
I'm not sure what happened this patch, the previous patch was excellent, it hit most of the over-performing builds with well targeted changes and the quick hotfixes afterwards to fine tune things were very good to see. This patch managed to not address a single problem the game mode is experiencing balance-wise (Dragon Banner, Winds of Disenchantment and Revenant among others) but also gave the most unnecessary set of buffs I have ever seen to Scourge, a class that has dominated WvW in PoF since the launch of the expansion. Even more absurd is that this patch REVERSES the very appropriate nerfs to the spec in the last patch while doing nothing to remove the compensation buffs it got and adding several more buffs to some of the most powerful skills the profession has at the same time.
By far the worst change in this patch is the shade change:

The community had asked for shade target caps to be lowered since the start of the expansion. While this wasn't - in my opinion - an ideal change, due to how much worse it made the class feel, it did bring the power of scourge in WvW in line with other classes. Not only this, but in the last patch scourge had a compensation buff of lowering the recharge on desert shroud. This was not reverted in this patch, leaving shades strictly better than they were before the previous nerf.
If this change has to go through, the Sand Savant trait needs its target cap increase lowered in WvW.
The other change were lower cooldowns to all of the well skills to compensate for the removal of Vampiric Rituals. Well of Corruption and Suffering have been staple skills for necromancer in general since core. Interestingly the last time anyone took Vampiric Rituals was also in core, meaning this change is basically giving necromancer builds in WvW a free grandmaster trait.
These cooldown reductions should not apply in WvW at all.
After CMC was added to the balance team and the last patch was a very strong step in the right direction I had really hoped we'd avoid patches like this. Please go back to the sweeping patches with WvW/PvP splits targeting over-performing builds with quick hotfixes afterwards.
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2020.07.02 22:05 smalldogwithball A modern house I made

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2020.07.02 22:05 nikhilkmusic Agni -- (Indian Instruments Meet Orchestra) -- by Nikhil Koparkar & Kun...

This piece features santoor with a western string ensemble, blending Indian classical with cinematic film score music!
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2020.07.02 22:05 xjdicjrucushe מורים במ

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2020.07.02 22:05 heyheyheyheyhiitsme [LF] a southern island to fish for Pond smelt and blowfish [FT] bells, DIY recipes, tell me what you want

I am only missing two fish and they are available in the Southern Hemisphere (no time travel time) between 9 PM - 4 AM.
I would love to visit someones Island to maybe catch them with some luck
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2020.07.02 22:05 MegaDace Reddit is embarrassing this week

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2020.07.02 22:05 prosyscom 7 Leadership Challenges You Can Effectively Overcome

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2020.07.02 22:05 autistic_cunt88 Watched some videos about the NBA and 1 hour later I ended up on this

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2020.07.02 22:05 itaatulrub New Update! Kitchen Area & Legendary Luck! - Roblox Unboxing Simulator

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2020.07.02 22:05 samyiwth I'm new to meme making

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2020.07.02 22:05 revan162004 I have a crush on a girl on the swim team. She has been my friend for a few years. How should I ask her out?

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2020.07.02 22:05 happygoodgirl [help] vet prescribed Xanax for dog because of fireworks

My vet prescribed 0.5 mg Xanax for fireworks. It worked for the little bottlerockets but not the big ones. I was told to give him 1-3 daily. Well I gave him 3 it still didn’t help. Today I gave my dog 1 and a half because I called back and the vet said 1 and a half every 4 to 6 hours is the limit. But now he’s walking sideways sometimes. So should I just give him 1 and deal with the barking from the fireworks? Any tips on dealing with barking during fireworks?
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2020.07.02 22:05 EliTheRapper28 SA Help

Hey so I work as an Student Assistant on campus and was wondering if any other SA’s here had heard anything in regards to training, move in, etc ????
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2020.07.02 22:05 Minecraft_TheGamer Younger ones usually

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2020.07.02 22:05 HavocHybrid [US-FL][H] Unbuilt White S50 Kit, Paypal [W] Paypal, 2% Milk Macropad

S50 is a 50% keyboard kit with knob support shown in the GB pages. Includes all the diodes and chip.
Item: Status: Price:
S50 White Available $100
Shipping cost included in the prices if CONUS. International shipping costs would be covered by you.
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2020.07.02 22:05 b3astmast3r69 I am alone

I always felt like my parent's were all that i would ever need . But this illusion slowly faded away when i became 16 . I always knew that things weren't the best between my mom and dad but they both loved me individually. I just realised today that all they wanted me to do was be good in academics and that's all they never cared for my social skills,sport skills or my emotional health for that matter . I am socially awkward, physically weak and now im even starting to judge my academics . The first friends that i made were because of my elder siblings it was more like "ok so we'll play together now". I have nothing to back my self confidence . I have friends but I don't think this is something that i should talk about. And the worst part is my dad doesn't even want to improve for his family all he cares for is his social image and how the relatives think of me . Tbh he has never taught me anything because he never had the time to do so and even if he did he'd rather spend that time looking at his . I don't even know why im posting this here but felt like the right thing to do.
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2020.07.02 22:05 ZKB7 ....

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2020.07.02 22:05 theSWW Cursed_games

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2020.07.02 22:05 AutoModerator Monthly Echo Feature Request Thread

Post your requested features here, and vote on those listed.
You're also welcome to post your own feature requests as separate posts.
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2020.07.02 22:05 SoftCustomer6 Tbh, I agree with the article

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2020.07.02 22:05 mikel_rodaballo Esto ya no da risa

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2020.07.02 22:05 AD2020FMVP Do different type of foods matter when counting calories for weight gain?

This might sound stupid but say I have a 500 calorie smoothie or candy will consuming that make me gain weight in the same exact way and places if I had instead ate a 500 calorie steak/ “real” piece of food.
I’m trying to gain weight and find it hard to consume big meals all the time but find it way more manageable to get my daily calories goal when I have a mixture of “real food” + some snacks like candy and smoothies etc.
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