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r/MeIrl ft. r/Me_IRL with a bit of 2MeIRL4MeIRL sprinkled in to make you go "Oh that's so Me IRL" - Duration: 11:39. Oz Media 896,770 views. 11:39. r/InsanePeopleFacebook ... Me IRL is a phrase used to indicate that a user believes that a linked image or video indicates their present mental or physical state. The phrase is also often used ironically by using a strange or cringeworthy image. The phrase is normally altered in weird ways for added humor such as meme_irl, or me_url. me irl advent calendar 2017. AAAAAAA cat. polar bear on the run from the law . We have a filter that removes all posts from users with over 100k karma. A sub this easy to post to is maybe best for folks new at this game, and if you have this much karma maybe you should try doing something new? Me IRL and Other Variations. There’s also “me IRL,” which frequently pops up in memes and tweets. While the initialism in the phrase also stands for “in real life,” people use “me IRL” in a very different way. Me IRL comes with an image, video, or statement, that the user believes is representative of their current real-life state. r/meirl: you, me, us, irl, reddit style. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 50+ videos Play all Mix - r/Me_irl | memes that make you say "me" YouTube r/Me_irl | memes to put in your shrek presentation slides - Duration: 15:23. EmKay 875,628 views This is me, I am a hobo with internet access and I am here for the memes. “‘Me irl’ was just something that happened organically,” one longtime user told me. “Quoting any picture and saying ‘that’s me IRL’ was a joke in FYAD for so long I can’t even ... me irl bi bisexual bi aesthetic bi memes bi things bi culture funny tweets. 55,610 notes. Reblog. star-wars-shit-posting . Follow. Unfollow. Star Wars Meme Spotify Dank Memes The Last Jedi Memes Meirl Star Wars Memes Sequel Memes Luke Skywalker Rey Skywalker The Rise of Skywalker TLJ TROS Me Irl Music. 29,582 notes ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2020.07.02 21:42 Oh--Ok me_irl

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2020.07.02 21:42 sexyfeetexpo Just "Cheers!" [OC]

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2020.07.02 21:42 Pierowmania My first comic! Fuck Paint 3D for not having a half circle shape.

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2020.07.02 21:42 lifeisquitealright Been missing my dreads lately. Considering growing out my hair and beginning again

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2020.07.02 21:42 Deathbysponge Meow IRL

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2020.07.02 21:42 acetech09 I took some shots of my ag/42b 'Ljungman', album in comments

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2020.07.02 21:42 therealfatumbot Randonaut Trip Report from North Windham, Maine (United States of America)

Intention Driven Anomaly found V-72ECDBE0 (43.829607 -70.451330) Type: Void Radius: 101m Power: 5.25 z-score: -4.84
Report: It was wild
First point what3words address: blacksmith.buns.subsets Google Maps | Google Earth
Intent set: Evil Artifact(s) collected? No Was a 'wow and astounding' trip? Yes
Trip Ratings Meaningfulness: Meaningful Emotional: Dopamine Hit Importance: Life-changing Strangeness: Normal Synchronicity: Mind-blowing
197ee913c94222c9ab00d321db92f760f3d8b7699d5c8c4df47af63b20d8d423 72ECDBE0
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2020.07.02 21:42 TheQuantumPikachu Fuck this piece of shit raiding subs. Ban him pls

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2020.07.02 21:42 Rockabellabaker Egads, I have a Herman Miller in my house!

I saw someone else's post just now and thought the shape of their office chair looked familiar. We've had a workstool/lab chair in our home for a long time. It's been in our workshop for a while and we recently moved it with us to our new home. My husband brought it home from his work - they were literally going to chuck the thing out because of "upgrades" and he saved it from the dump.
Anyway I just checked the tag - it's a Herman Miller! 1968 from what I see on the tag. I knew I loved this chair for some reason!
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2020.07.02 21:42 davincih Birds of Prey 2 is dead at WB: "Warners no longer believes in the concept or in the creative team behind the movie."

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2020.07.02 21:42 fujiazalea if you punch a tree, you break your fist and bleed to death

this would simplify everything
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2020.07.02 21:42 AsianGuysoFly Reading an children book about life to my kids .......

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2020.07.02 21:42 eech_chan Hehe

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2020.07.02 21:42 dbcaliman So I'm going through a divorce.

My wife and I would have celebrated our "unofficial" 20th year celebration in March. We had our 15th wedding anniversary in November. But unfortunately her son fucking hates me, and he has threatened her with not being able to see her grandson. I don't quite know what to do.
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2020.07.02 21:42 Jsnk_saga Settling the Yeagarists V Alliance debate.

This post will first be about why the alliance members killed the yeagarists at the dock then goes into detail about themes and perspectives.
First off. The alliance went into the conflict not wanting to kill any of their former comrades Annie and reiner were gonna do the killing. But when the yeagarists say them they didn't hesitate to shoot as shown when daz shot armin 3 times. That pushed Connie to make his first kill. Which he was distraught about. So the yeagarists will kill their former comrades before the alliance would. Also Mikasa is clearly shown to be kicking the yeagarists throughout most of the chapter and Jean is laying low. Connie had already crossed the boundary of killing so that's why he did it. Hange had also had to kill yeagerists before when saving levi that's why she went straight in. When Jean and mikasa finally started killing the yeagarists it was at a point where they realised that they could not protect their actual friends like Connie and hange if they didn't get their hands dirty and be more ruthless which the yeagarists were already being, these kids weren't scared to shoot. Just cause the yeagarists didn't kill anyone doesn't mean they werent trying to kill the alliance. They had already killed 2 hizuru engineers too. So all of that is why they that is why thay had to kill the yeagarists.
However, I am not justifying their actions and neither is isayama. Weather they were fascist or not the yeagarists were still people some of them quite young. So taking their lives are obviously in the wrong and this is what isayama is also trying to say. He has not portrayed the alliance as some do gooder group of avengers and that's the whole point of this chapter to show they aren't what so many people would have thought. They will kill to get their goal just as the yeagarists are coming back to the theme that no one is inherently good or bad as they've all done bad things it's just the perspective they did it from that justified it.
The reason why I support the alliance from their perspective is because they have the more noble intentions of saving the world but that doesn't mean they all in the right. But I have nothing against those who support the yeagerists they have just chosen to support the perspective of the yeagarists.
So anyone calling the alliance the cringe avengers isn't quite getting the point of these chapters and the themes running through them. And hopefully with this post I can open some peoples eyes.
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2020.07.02 21:42 dkwhat2type Hullo?

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2020.07.02 21:42 DanielDempey All Ghillied Up Help? [MW]

So I have no problem with the first few parts of all ghillied up I need help with the last part where you have to wait for the chopper... right now I’m on veteran and I just keep dying I’ve spent over an hour trying to beat it but I can’t, any help would be appreciated
(the original cod4)
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2020.07.02 21:42 hopperbrothers Pundemic

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2020.07.02 21:42 HayleyTheLesbJesus Need help with socializing my new 9 week old charcoal kitten, please. See my comment on this post.

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2020.07.02 21:42 hamncheesephilling Y'all losers can't record a song without a bomb

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2020.07.02 21:42 KitchenDraft Have you ever tried Arancini? Easy recipe below!

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2020.07.02 21:42 HammerAlzheimer Subscribe to five minute crafts

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2020.07.02 21:42 VladiciliNotRussian Just got Age of Empires 2 for $3! Sorry for the grainy picture I tried to edit it for clarity but couldn’t bring out the image entirely.

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2020.07.02 21:42 Double_AA_Battery Best endurance car

Which is the best endurance gt car for the 2019 season, the Porsche, ford gt, Ferrari, or Aston Martin?
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2020.07.02 21:42 NINE-S [XB1] H: Offers W: B2525 Plasma Rifle

Things I can Offer:
Weapon: BFFR Tesla Rifle +1 agility
Cavaliers Vanguards Heavy combat Armor left arm, +1 agility
Other items:
*Can make stimpack diffuser (name how many you’d want)
*Shielded brotherhood under armor
*Science scribe outfit
*Medical goggles
*Sitting and standing gorilla (Plans)
*Radiation emitter (Plan)
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