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After a hot bath

Your body’s core temperature rises while you’re sitting in a hot bath or sauna. Once you’re out of the hot environment, the slow temperature drop signals your body that it’s time for rest. Some people experience nausea after a hot bath, especially when soaking in a bath tub possibly due to changes in blood flow to the brain. It is often more likely to occur after eating and then taking a hot bath which may be a result of blood flowing away from the digestive tract to the skin. After 5-10 minutes in a bath so hot it’s barely tolerable, I’ve seen my own temperature get up to 38.5. It falls back into the normal range really fast, within minutes. Viitasalo JT, Niemela K, Kaappola R, et al. Warm underwater water-jet massage improves recovery from intense physical exercise. While a hot bath feels great, a warm bath is better for your skin and immune system. Add oils like rose, lavender, calendula, aloe, oil, or coconut and also oatmeal for your skin. Epsom salt is... In essence, having a hot bath is akin to having a shower, as far as dilating the skin blood vessels is concerned. However, you are likely to only feel a little drowsy in the bath (but not lose consciousness), until the end of the bath, when attempting to get out of the bath. “Firstly, the physiological effects of hot baths and ice baths differ. A hard run creates micro-tears in the muscles that cause an inflammatory response, leading to pain and swelling. "Ice baths... > Heat will cause dilation of the blood vessels in your skin, an attempt by your body to cool itself by increasing blood flow to the large surface area closest to the outside. This diverts blood away from the core, which indirectly leads to reduc...

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2020.07.02 21:51 -en- @BW: In London, thieves pulled off the perfect art heist: leaving the painting while hacking $3 million

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2020.07.02 21:51 brushedsuede A BOTL is losing his grip. Your input is valuable.

Hello wonderful people.
A month ago, I posted that I have been having a hard time getting back to cigars after I took a long break while on lockdown. I used to be a two cigar a day guy.
The replies I received mostly recommended that I start low and slow, which I did.
I attempted today to smoke a Connecticut by Leaf. But I couldn't even continue after 6-8 puffs.
It tasted like hay, very dry, and overwhelming, and I became too aware of the taste of ammonia.
I know there is nothing that can be said other than keeping the pace and you'll get used to it.
Did anyone been through this before? Any idea what may help?
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2020.07.02 21:51 DJ_pider It's so demoralizing playing this game solo

It's just a but of a rant but I can't stand solo que. My randoms have been better since the start of this season though. It's just that most of them make poor decisions or are just not supporting me. I get people in ranked who like to go off on their own and land at that one building in the capital and I know you know which one I'm talking about. I even get people quitting ranked matches. Ranked feels unbalanced to me too. The enemy teams have thousands of kills under their belts and I get bronze 4s on my team. I love playing this game it's honestly the only br I enjoy but it's so painful having to rely on rngesus to give me a teammate at my skill level
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2020.07.02 21:51 Chevi70 Bad ping

Hi. Recently I’ve having a lot of lag in the game ( 50ms but it really feels like 200). I have 80-85 mbps all the time and other games are totally fine, I think it’s just csgo. Any advice? Please
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2020.07.02 21:51 DevBboy New to WH2: where to start

Hi there, I’m new to warhammer kind of and I was wondering where I should start/what’s fun.
In summary of my history with total war. I played like 50 turns in 2 campaigns in WH1 and never really did more than that. I bought the second game with the summer sale and started playing it. Right now I’m doing a vortex campaign with Malekith and the dark elves. I’m about 80 turns in right now and it feels like it’s moving pretty slow now. I’ve got all of the northern provinces I’m moving down but it feels like I have no real objectives anymore. I have 0 quests and it feels like I’m just waiting x amount of turns until the next ritual.
Anyways I was wondering what some good next steps to take are. (I have all the dlc) should I do a different vortex campaign, try ME, or try multiplayer? What should I do?
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2020.07.02 21:51 rovus Lacalle respondió a López Mena: “No hay ninguna intención” de abrir fronteras para turismo

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2020.07.02 21:51 ayebigmac [H] Guide that includes everything you need to get any account for free (Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Adobe, Lynda, Skillshare.. you name it) and make money selling them (Earnings Proof) (7 Vouches) [W] 16.99 Crypto or PayPal

Purchase and see reviews here - Earnings here -
Hey! I am selling a guide that includes everything you need to get any account for free, start selling them and make a decent income. This is not a get rich quick scheme, however it can provide you with 20-50$ of (semi) passive income a day. Even if you have no intention of selling, this easily pays for itself as you will no longer need to deal with scammy sellers and pay $2-4 per account, deal with dead ones, get refunds each time, etc.
Who are you? Why should I trust you? Fair question! I have extensive experience selling accounts (check my earnings, i've done it before) and know all the methods all the sellers on here are using. I have over 80 sales of the guide (can show proof if requested) and countless happy customers. However, I have less vouches as I used to post on redditbay, and as we all know, it is not useable. I took a break and have started selling here instead. I have included some buyer vouches from PM that I still have, and the vouches from my autobuy shop which are all from verified purchasers. You can see those for yourself at the pastebin link at the top of the page.
Okay, what is included? Are there any other costs? Everything you need, from start to finish is included for free. It includes a section on how to get the accounts, and a section on how to sell and make your shop the most profitable it can be. 5$ or so for better tools helps, but I have included enough in the guide where this is your only cost.
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As always, please let me know if you have any questions before, or after purchasing and I will be more than happy to help you out. Enjoy!
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2020.07.02 21:51 callumphasbeens Parents doesn't use positive incentives to get me to do things

Does anyone else's parents when they want you to do something think that taking away privileges such as games and speaking with friends will make you do better
I am a bit behind on my schoolwork so instead of encouraging me to do better they are just unplugging and taking my pc until the end of term
Is anyone else's parents like this?
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2020.07.02 21:51 thefeedbot MarkDice: @CNN I guess nobody told her all she had to do to avoid arrest was support BIack Lives Matter.

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2020.07.02 21:51 Here_wego1 Best games for meeting random people online

Just what the title says, co-op, multiplayer or mmo
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2020.07.02 21:51 Eraticwanderer “What Do I Do? What Do I Do?”: Trump Desperate, Despondent As Numbers Crater, “Loser” Label Looms

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2020.07.02 21:51 Crazy_Kale_5101 Tutorial by Mike Hartington adding headless ButterCMS to his Ionic App

Hey all - if you're in need of adding a headless CMS to your Ionic app, check out ButterCMS! Mike Hartington, Ionic Dev Advocate, put together a quick tutorial integrating ButterCMS to add CMS capability to his Ionic App built with Angular. Check it out here:
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2020.07.02 21:51 mousse312 How make my web scraper "answer" a html input of a web page?

It's my first time doing web scraping but im stuck in how to "answer" the input of a login page
Page Html:

site = 'http://www.tse.jus.beleitotitulo-e-local-de-votacao/copy_of_consulta-por-nome' u_client = uReq(site) page_html = u_client.close() soup_page = soup(page_html, 'html.parser') local_input = soup_page.main.form.input print(local_input) 
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2020.07.02 21:51 mrk1717 Condom slipped off while on BC pills... paranoid about pregnancy?

Hi everyone!
Just looking for a little reassurance. About 4 nights ago I was having sex and the condom slipped off inside me. He immediately got it out, put a new one on, and ejaculated much later on me after that incident. I've been on the pill for a year now and have never missed a day. He said he stopped and took the condom out within seconds of noticing... should I be worried about pregnancy?
I honestly can work myself up over anything so I'm thinking I'm doing the same thing here lol but was just looking for some honest input
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2020.07.02 21:51 outgoingo Huatli, Mother of Legends V2. Mostly balance changes

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2020.07.02 21:51 ricojames23 any advices ?

Hey, I wanted to do photos and sell them and I wonder if anyone has any advice about only fans, are people interested in crossdresser on that or should I find something else?
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2020.07.02 21:51 AnonFly1947291 Screwed for life?

About a year ago I got a conditional offer for the NSA as an high-school intern. It took me 3 times to pass the polygraph. The first time being a problem with the drug question which I adamantly denied as I haven’t done drugs in my life. The second time about being a foreign national or along those lines which I again denied. The third I passed.
I was told the reason I didn’t get the clearance was due to running out of time for the processing as the school year was starting. Though, due to me having 3 rounds of polygraphs Ive had serious doubts that’s the sole reason.
My question is, am I screwed for life with obtaining a security clearance due to this? Where I live there’s a large concentration of defense contractors where to intern or work there a clearance is required and I really want to work in that field. So any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!
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2020.07.02 21:51 Tixus123 Project Kapro [0] #28CYYCUGR

PK finally has an Independent BS Club. A very laid back club perfect for New players and Alt accounts. Find the discord code in the club description
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2020.07.02 21:51 alejitochan google te fuiste a la mierda

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2020.07.02 21:51 cathyyy5363 [LF] white director’s chair [FT] bells or coco juice diy

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2020.07.02 21:51 J-K1M-TheBotchedUser If Min Min had a Sponsor [OC]

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2020.07.02 21:51 mediamst Symptoms I am having

For the last 5 days, I have been exhausted on and off. Sometimes I feel fine, then I feel like I just need to lay down. I have been having what feels like heartburn in my upper chest which feels like gas and sometimes burping will help. My chest feels tight and I can breath fine but at times I do feel exhausted and short of breath. I went to my doctor and he said he thinks it is anxiety, but I don't really feel anxious! He gave me an EKG and said it looked perfectly normal. On rare occasions when I breath in over the past 5 days I feel like my lungs are burning mildly. I'm 44 years old and otherwise healthy. When eating carbs I feel like it causes me to crash and makes me very lethargic as well.
Anyone tested positive with similar symptoms?
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