ITAP of a quiet “street” in lake Como Italy. | Where to Stay in Lake Como: Best Towns & Hotels (with Map ...

ITAP of a quiet “street” in lake Como Italy.

Lake Como has been enticing people to its shores for years, from famous faces to humble travelers. There’s something about the lake that attracts visitors to stay longer than planned: maybe it’s the food, the clean air or the healthy living, but we reckon this should be your next holiday destination – here’s a guide on the best places to stay in Lake Como when you visit this beautiful ... On this page you’ll find printable versions of maps for every town in Lake Como Italy listed alphabetically. Thanks to Google’s powerful technology, you can choose whether to view maps of every street, satellite views or even the terrain elevation in 3D which is particularly useful for hikers. 5 Best Towns to Visit on Lake Como, Italy . I recently visited this gorgeous Italian destination with Monograms Travel. I’ll be writing more about this company soon, but I found the combination of group excursions and individual time to be a perfect fit for my style of travel — especially when traveling solo. Lake Como is one of the most scenic destinations in all of Europe. It is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes on the continent. Located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, Lake Como is surrounded by lush hills and towering mountains, giving it a unique and relaxed atmosphere. Lake Como, also known as Lario, is the third largest of the Italian lakes (after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore). With a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters (448 yards), Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Its characteristic shape, reminiscent of an inverted Y, results from the melting of glaciers combined with the erosive action of the ancient Adda river. Visiting Lake Como, Italy. Of the five lakes which compose the Italian Lakes region, Lago di Como is without a doubt the most popular. Shaped like an inverted Y, surrounded by mountains and dotted with charming resort villages, Lake Como is the most picturesque travel destination for lovers. Como is a commune in the northern region of Italy with a current population of 84,000. Como is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Lombardy and the commune itself is often overshadowed by the majestic Lake Como that stretches from the northern edge of the city. Como has been populated since the Bronze Age by Celtic tribes and during the first century BC it ... One mile northwest of Como sits Cernobbio, home to the world-famous Villa d’Este, one of the grandest hotels not just on the lake but in all of Italy. Originally built in 1568 as the summer ... Lake Como is the hottest thing going in Italy these days. Find out some of the best things to do at the country's most glamorous lake. Destinations Food & Drink News Stay Video Lake Como, Italy frequently tops lists of the world's most scenic lakes. Whether or not your personal ratings match up, there is no denying that this area possesses the charm and beauty necessary to attract some of the world's wealthiest tourists, many of whom buy pricey mansions along the shoreline.

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2020.07.02 21:44 Freshman142 F/EF smooth nibs with large ink capacity

Longtime lurker, first-time poster.
I've been a fountain pen user for about a year now, and I'm looking for suggestions for the next pen. I don't have pen shops nearby, so off the internet for shopping.
I own two pens today: a Pilot Metropolitan in F and a TWSBI 580AL in F and use them mostly for note-taking at work, and occasional letter writing. Mostly using decent to good notebooks, but some Post-Its and cheap copy paper.
The Pilot's nib is really smooth, and gives me a clean fine, somewhat wet line that works well for my writing. The 580 is just not as smooth, seems drier, and the line is much thicker to me. Looking at samples online it appears that the 580 EF nib isn't much finer than 580 F, so a simple nib swap may be out.
In an ideal world, the pen I'm looking for is something like the Metro's nib in an opaque version of the 580's body. That is:

I'm guessing that I'm headed towards Sailor or Platinum, but have no experience with these pens and would love some first hand comparisons.
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I found a great online cash poker site and I introduced two of my friends to the site. We’ve been playing for 2 months on the site and I’m down $1,300 and both my friends are up $15,000 and $20,000 respectively. I’ve been playing live poker on the weekends at the local casino for years and have paid off some huge debts that way. However, playing online poker has showed me i have some gaping holes to fill in my game. My buddy is giving me his copy of The Poker Blueprint so I’ll read through that soon, but do y’all have any online resources, or a must read book, that helped you personally advance your poker game?
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2020.07.02 21:44 Born-Beach My grandma died and passed down her cabin to my brother and me. Something horrible happened to my brother, and I think somebody's coming. somebody not from this world.

Just joining us? I recommend starting at the beginning. Too far back? You can read my previous entry here.

I heard Jake speak. “By the time this is over and done with, I’m gonna be a fuckin’ husk thanks to all of you. But lucky for me, I’m built sturdier than a human.” I tried to rise to my feet, only to stumble and fall painfully on my face. I groaned, rolling onto my back, while Jake continued. “Like I said, Eric, I’m a product of progress. Now let’s make you one too."
Darkness filled my vision, and I drowned it. Lost in black shadow, my mind and thoughts drifted through a void, with only pieces of voices, of moments breaking through. I’m so sorry, Eric. I’m so sorry. Regret and guilt swirled inside me.
“Good, that's the needle done."
No. Dad had the needle. I saw him take it. "Dad..." My voice was nothing.
"Now say the name!" Jake roared. "Welcome him into you. Welcome him beyond the veil!”
I felt myself falling away. Losing consciousness.
Eric was crying. Sobbing. “P-Pri’deom.”
I opened my eyes, hating myself. I'd nearly done it. Nearly lost control again. I'd tried doing to dad what I'd done to Jake, beating him until there was nothing left.
I sat up and pain shot through my neck.
He was still alive. How though? His face had been beaten to mash, and he'd been shot with five or six slugs. I groaned, rising to my feet. Darkness surrounded me, with a single beam of light piercing through and illuminating drifting dust. The cave, right. We were in the cave.
Focus, Matt.
I stumbled to dad's flashlight and picked it up. The light was fainter now, thinner. The batteries must be nearly dead. How long had I been out? I brought a hand to my neck and massaged it, feeling like I'd spent the night doing my best impersonation of an owl.
"Eric," I called, my throat dry. God I needed a drink. "Dad?" My lightbeam swept across the cavern, revealing only scattered books and splintered wooden tables. The place had been demolished, only a handful of desks and tables still remained in one piece, and even they had their drawers pulled out and tossed.
That's right, I remembered. I'd done that trying to find a weapon to fight Jake, and all Eric managed to find was a scalpel. That was the best we had. Then dad charged in and saved our asses.
Until I fucked it up.
I staggered forward, still feeling like I'd been hit by a sasquatch-shaped truck. The fuck was wrong with me? Jumping dad like that? I tried to shake the self-loathing, but this time it was all-consuming. I'd really screwed us over. Jake had probably used our fighting as cover to make his move.
And now Eric was paying the price. He'd been injected with Jake's medicine, and then forced to say Pri'deom's name. To welcome The Lord Beyond the Veil -- whatever the fuck that meant. It didn't mean anything good, I knew that much. I swept the light to the summoning circle and my stomach dropped.
Its runes glowed a dull red, casting a crimson tinge to the black stone they'd been carved in. "Eric!" I shouted again. "Dad?" No. God no.
I fell back into a wooden chair, putting my head into my hands. Where were they? Please Matthew. Not now, mom. Please.
I screamed, as loud and as hard as I could. My throat felt like sandpaper, but I didn't care. I screamed and screamed until I was out of breath, until the voices in my head shut up and then I cried awhile. Even if I could find them, how the fuck was I supposed to help them? I picked up the scalpel Eric left on the table and stared at it. Hated it. How was I supposed to save them with this? Jake took shotgun blasts and shrugged them off, and all I had was a damn scalpel, a busted wrist, and something inside of me trying to get out.
"It's… dark."
I looked up, not sure I'd heard properly. Was that...? I brought the light around, scrambling from my chair, my sneakers slipping on the slick cavern floor
"Nolan!" I shouted, falling to my knees beside him. He was sitting upright, breathing heavy and no longer the bipedal werewolf he'd earlier resembled. He was human again, or at least, as close as he could get with a wolf mask fused to his neck.
"Are you--"
He raised a hand, then pointed the scalpel still in my hands. "Dark…"
"Dark?" I said, with more frustration than I'd meant. I felt so much angrier here on the mountain, like I was desperate for violence. I swallowed the rage. Breathe. Just breathe. "The scalpel, right?"
He nodded, slowly, as if the act was painful in itself.
"What do you want with it?” I said, completely at a loss. I wished he would just say some real words for once.
"Dark." He brought a finger along his neck, tracing the stitching of the mask.
"You want me to cut it off of you? The mask?"
Another slow, pained nod.
That made more sense than anything I'd heard all night. I shifted closer, and then paused. My heart thrummed in my chest, and I could feel the rage boiling inside me, thrashing to get out. I thrust the scalpel toward him. "I… I don't trust myself right now. You do it, and I'll help you if you need it."
He shook his head.
Fuck. He didn't understand. There was something inside of me, and whenever I saw blood it clawed closer and closer to the surface. It'd happened with Jake. It'd nearly happened with my own father. I couldn't risk losing control on Nolan, not when he was all I had left. I grabbed his hand and put the scalpel in it. "Just do--"
He recoiled with an agonized scream, his body writhing. The scalpel clattered to the floor. I leaned closer, panicked. What had I done? He cradled his hand, and I saw scorch marks on his palm. The red, seared flesh made an outline of the scalpel, and steamed hissed from it in snaking tendrils.
"You can't touch the scalpel…" I breathed, the puzzle pieces forming in my mind. "But you could touch the iron gate." A decade of monster lore swam in my head. "Is the scalpel silver?"
"It's… dark."
"Hold still," I said, doing my best to steady his head with my broken wrist. I used my good hand to make an incision along the mask's stitching. His body jerked and seized as the blade sliced through the threads, and in some places, his flesh. "Nearly there," I said. A thin trail of blood wound its way from his neck down his chest, and I did my best to ignore it. Thankfully, the rancid smell of his wolf mask made a good mental anchor and helped me stay in the moment. Avoid the pull of whatever was inside of me.
Please Matthew.
“There,” I said, cutting the last pieces of the mask free. I pocketed the scalpel. His skin was seared around the incision points, and his whole body trembled in pain. “Sorry. That should do it though.”
He raised his hands to the mask, and lifted it slowly. The glow from its eyes faded, and the mask itself seemed to droop, the flesh sloughing from the skull and rotting away. I helped him raise it off entirely, and we dropped it to the floor.
The man beneath looked a lot like Jake. He had a wide jaw, a mess of hair, and a short beard. His plaid shirt had been torn away during his previous transformation, but he still had those same jeans that Jake wore, faded from hours outdoors. It occurred to me that Jake probably gave him his clothes. “Thank you,” he said quietly.
“You can talk now?” My heart raced. I had so many questions.
He nodded, swallowing. “I can." He ran a hand along his neck, where the mask had been cut free. "Only silver could undo those bonds. I'd tried cutting it before, but they healed too quickly. Thank you, Matthew."
“Yeah," I said. "Of course." I looked down, guilt bubbling in my chest. “Thank you, for everything. But he got Eric. My dad too.”
“Yes, I thought that he might. He’s much stronger than I am.”
“Do you know where he’s taken them?” A small ember of hope began burning inside of me. Nolan must know. He'd been here all along. “Because we need to get over there now. He’s summoned--”
“Pri’deom,” Nolan said, rising on shaky legs. “Yes, I’m well aware of everything. The mask prevented me from speaking, not listening.” He ran a hand over his ribs, breathing deeply and wincing. “I’m afraid without the mask I won’t be much help to you in a fight, but that’s not what you need right now. You need information, and I can help with that. Hand me your light.”
I did, and he brought it to rest on a broken cabinet in the back corner. “That’ll be it.” He handed the light back to me and limped toward it. I followed. “Pri’deom is powerful, perhaps too powerful to stop. But we may be able to save Eric.”
“And my dad?”
Nolan didn’t answer. Reaching the cabinet, he rested his body against it for a moment, taking several deep breaths. His face looked a great deal more worn than Jake’s, with deep lines framing his eyes and a sallowness to his cheekbones. He looked like he was dying.
"I'll just be a moment," he said. "Just catching my breath. My brother… he did quite a number on me."
“He's insane," I said quietly. A question ate at me, and I decided I had to ask. It might be my only opportunity to learn the truth. "Is this… is it really grandma's doing?"
Nolan smiled. "A good question." He pulled a book from the shelf and began flipping through its pages. "Early in life, my mother was a writer. She loved the paranormal. Cryptids, ghouls and the like. And I… well I was her biggest fan.” He grunted, tossing the book and plucking another. He licked the tip of his thumb and cycled a few pages. “I loved reading her stories. They enthralled me -- ah, excellent... This should be the proper text."
He let his body slide down the cabinet, his finger running across a page. I held the light above him. “I spent ten years in university studying medicine, and when I returned… she was a different woman. Strange, like something had gotten to her.”
“Gotten to her?” I sat down next to him. This was a side of my grandmother I never knew. A side of my family I never knew. Mom rarely spoke about anything that happened before Eric and I were born.
“She’d become obsessed with Pri’deom. At the time, I thought it was a bit of artistic madness, you know? Method acting, perhaps. Getting into character for another one of her stories.” He laughed, each chuckle accentuated by a wince of pain. “When she asked for my help with the science behind creating cryptids…. Well, I thought she was crazy. But she showed me a library of books she’d collected." He paused, taking a raspy breath. "They described incredible things, things that shouldn’t be possible.”
I stared into the dark of the cave, my voice barely a whisper. “You helped her make you -- make Jake into what he is."
“My curiosity overcame my ethics, I confess. I agreed to--" Another wince of pain. "... attempt an experiment, but on the grounds that it be done to me and me alone.” He hung his head. “It wasn’t perfect, partly because I’d disregarded several aspects of the books that sounded too… hokey for me. Too ridiculous."
"I made myself into a werewolf, but an imperfect one. One who could never fully stop being a beast.” He looked at me, his sunken eyes tired and remorseful. “When I saw you boys up there, I wanted to kill you. I felt compelled to."
I swallowed.
"But I didn't," he continued. "I'm not sure what changed, but after seeing you two, a piece of me returned. A small sliver of humanity, perhaps. I decided to try and warn you later that day by the river. Of the dark, of my mother's intentions."
“The book,” I said. “Mysteries of the Cryptids.”
“Yes,” he said, flicking another page. “I’d stuffed some of her research notes into an old novel she’d written. My hope was that if she saw you with it, she wouldn’t grow suspicious.” He tapped at the center of the page. “Ah, here it is. The Light of Pri’deom. Give me a moment, please. I need to read this carefully.”
I did, using the time to reflect. Ten minutes ago I'd nearly given up, but then Nolan had given me hope. He'd saved me all over again. Whatever was in that book, he seemed to think it had a real shot at helping fix this disaster. I believed him.
There was hope for Eric. Hope for my dad. We could do this, put things back to normal and get off this goddamn mountain and turn this whole experience into exactly what it deserved to be: a repressed memory. I just needed to know what to do.
“It’s as I suspected,” Nolan said a short time later. “The summoning requires an amount of offerings, or cryptids to put it simply. Four of them, and a host. That would be your brother. Or you.” He shot me a weary smile.
"I don't understand. Is that good or bad?"
“Well,” Nolan said, leaning back and resting the book on his lap. “Without the mask, I’ve lost my ability to heal from my wounds. All this to say that I'm dying, and I should thank you that I'm dying as a man. I suspect that when I leave--" He let out a wail and clutched his side.
"Are you okay?" I said, realizing what a stupid question it was. Jake had thrown him half the length of a football stadium, his insides were probably damn near mush.
"Dying, still," he said with a wry grin. "But alright otherwise. As I said… when I leave, his offering will be one short, and Jake's summoning will be unsuccessful."
“Wait,” I stood up, looking at the runes in the ground. “I thought they’d already summoned him.”
“Yes,” Nolan said. “They have. He’s on his way, but crossing worlds is not so easy a task, at least according to these old tomes.” He patted the book on his lap. “I suspect that Jake’s taken them to meet the Lord Beyond when he arrives.”
“Isn’t that here?” I said, staring at the summoning circle. “Isn’t he arriving in that circle?”
The cabinet creaked as Nolan leaned back against it. His head rested on the cupboard door and he closed his eyes. “Think of the circle as a telephone. It’s a way of communicating that their terms have been met. Everything I’ve read about Pri’deom would indicate him to be a prideful being, one who would be loathe to enter this world through a dirty cave.” He took a difficult breath. “When I die, Jake’s terms will be broken. Pri’deom won’t grant him an audience.”
Great, no Pri'deom, but that still left one massive problem.
"Nolan,” I said desperately. “How do I stop Jake? How do I help our family?”
“Silver," Nolan grimaced. "Haven’t you been paying attention?" He gave me a grim smile. "The trouble of course, is getting the silver into my brother’s heart.”
“That's putting it lightly,” I muttered. I doubted the scalpel was long enough to even reach his heart.
“Once my brother realizes...” he said slowly, his words spaced by flinches of pain, “... that the summoning is being prevented by something, he’s likely to realize I’ve… passed on. I don’t know what happens then. He’s unpredictable... at the best of times.”
He coughed more blood, and it speckled the book in his lap.
"What do I do?" I said. There wasn’t much time left, and there was so much I still didn’t know. "I can't kill Jake with a scalpel. How do I stop this?"
His head rolled to the side, looking toward something in the dark of the room. "Operating table… beneath it…my father’s dagger.”
"Grandpa's dagger?" Eric and I hadn't known much about our late grandfather, only that he had been an archaeologist in life. I stood, casting the light in the direction Nolan looked. Sure enough, there was an operating table there, though it felt generous to call it such. It was really more a slab of wood with some leather straps dangling off of it. “Is the dagger silver?”
Nolan nodded. “Not much but… it will have to do. Now go, get a headstart on me."
There was one last thing I had to know first. Something important. "When I was younger, grandma gave me some of that serum. Why haven't I changed yet?"
"If she...only gave it to you once, it wouldn't be enough." He took a moment to catch his breath. "It takes several doses to… induce the transformation."
"Then I'm not… a cryptid?"
He shook his head. I sighed, relieved. That was one terror I could put to rest, at least for now.
“Thank you,” I said, quietly. The truth was I had so much to say and no time to say it. I wanted to tell him that I was sorry for thinking he was a monster, that I was sorry for attacking him with a fireiron, that he had done more for me that he could ever know. But I didn’t have time. “You’re a good man," I said, rising to my feet. “Please know that.”
I hoped it was enough.
It was a terrible feeling leaving my uncle to die here; in the cold darkness where his nightmare had been born, but there wasn't any time. When this was finished, I'd come back and pull him out. Give him a proper burial. But right now there were still ljves I could save. Lives I needed to save.
I made for the exit.
“Matthew…” Nolan wheezed.
I paused, turning my ear toward him.
“Don’t listen… to the voices.”
The forest was quiet tonight. No sound of deer, no sound of birds and not so much as the chrip of crickets. I sprinted through the woods, avoiding the main trails and sticking to the brush. Bramble and nettle clawed at my jacket, branches hung low and caught me in the face, and the dirt, wet from the storm, shifted with my every step. It didn't matter though, I knew where I needed to be.
The cabin was where this had all begun. It was were Jake had ambushed us earlier, and perhaps it was where he intended for all of this to end too. Except this time, I was the one running the ambush.
Grandpa's dagger swung at my waist, hanging off my belt and smacking my thigh with every stride. While it was a good deal longer than the scalpel, it certainly wasn't ideal for fighting a twelve foot sasquatch. Still, it was all I had. Truthfully, I doubted a silver broadsword would have made me feel any more confident. I was terrified either way.
On the glass half-full side of things, it'd stopped raining. The temperature felt a good deal warmer too, although I suspected that had something to do with me sprinting in a leather jacket. Above though, the storm clouds still loomed, heavy and grey, and they'd shifted enough to mask the moon entirely. The forest was shrouded in near total darkness.
Thankfully, dad had saved my ass again. I brought a hand to my face and adjusted his night vision goggles, seeing a landscape of greens and blacks. Normally, I’d be concerned about the lenses drawing attention, but I knew Jake couldn’t see, not after I’d gouged his eyes out. He did, however, seem to be able to smell us.
I reared back my head and spat out a mouthful of mud. I’d rolled around in a puddle of it outside the cave, drenching myself head-to-toe in muck and grime, and it'd managed to get absolutely everywhere. Disgusting? Yeah. But maybe enough to mask my scent. At least, until I got close enough to stab Jake. Or something.
Stuff to think about when I got there. Eric was the planner, not me. I operated more on instinct, and I hoped those instincts would serve me better than they had in the cave. All of us were relying on it.
It didn’t take long to reach the cabin. I slunk along for the last leg of the journey, careful not to make any sounds (since I figured Jake’s ears were still in working order). Through the trees, I saw a weak light spilling from one of the windows, though no sign of any movement.
I needed to get closer. I glanced about, making sure the area was clear. To my left, there was only grandma’s old spinach patch, and beyond that the walking trail to the river. Good. To my right, my beat-up car, and the road that led down the mountain. Goo- Wait. I focused my goggles down the roadway. Was that a fender?
No, that was an entire truck. Its front end jutted out of the bushes a short way down the road. No doubt about it. That was Jake’s. I wanted to fist-pump the air, but I composed myself. Maybe we didn’t need to fight Jake after all. If the three of us could get to his truck, we could almost definitely outrun him. Then we’d just come back in the daylight and deal with things once his transformation had worn off.
“Perfect,” I whispered.
First though, I needed to get Eric and dad. The hard part. I dashed across the clearing and pressed myself against the cabin’s wall, moving along it to the kitchen window. The light that spilled from it flickered, as if cast by a candle. I pulled the goggles off my head and peered inside. Nothing. Shit. The place looked exactly as I remembered it, right down to the chair I’d busted the window with.
Alright, I thought, no need to panic. Somewhere else then. Maybe grandma’s bedroom. Or the living area. I crouched back down, slipping along to the front of the cabin. Its entrance had been torn apart by Jake’s previous visit, its front door missing and its entire vestibule sagging. Even the steps that led up to the front porch were cracked and broken, probably not built to withstand the weight of a were-sasquatch.
I froze. There was a sound coming from the cabin. It sounded like moaning. Long, anguished moans.
I slipped past the front door, following the sounds along the side of the cabin. There, a few feet away was the dark window to the living area. That's where the sounds were coming from. I flicked on the night vision goggles, orienting myself beneath the window. I wanted to do this as carefully as I could. I slowly rose my head, peering inside. The fireplace was empty, just as I remembered, and I could see bits of Griff’s cracked skull where I’d dropped it earlier. The wicker chairs were there too, along with the boxes of grandma's things and...
And there. Near the far wall. Dad sat in a chair, a rope zig-zagged across his chest, lashing him to his seat. I scanned the rest of the room. No sign of Eric. No sign of Jake either.
I gave the window a gentle push, and it slid. Good, unlocked. Made sense. What did grandma have to fear out here? She was the one making the monsters. I opened the window quietly, so quietly that dad hadn’t noticed. His head lolled in the chair, his eyes distant and spacey. The guy looked exhausted.
I took another look around, double-checking I was in the clear before raising myself up onto the window sill. Once I was on it, I slowly lowered myself to the hardwood floor, again scanning the room. Nothing, just dad and I. So far so good.
My footstep creaked on a floorboard and I froze. Shit. My heart raced. Was Jake here somewhere? Had he heard that? My hand rested on the hilt of the silver dagger instinctually. Please Matthew.
Shake it off. Please.
Nothing. Either nobody heard the sound, or nobody was here. I made my way to dad, lifting the goggles off of my eyes.
“Dad,” I whispered, untying the ropes holding him to the chair. “Where’s Eric?”
No answer. Just moans. He rolled his head down, eyes milky white.
“Dad.” I gave him a few gentle smacks on the face. He looked drunk. Wasted. “Seriously, we need to leave. Now.”
Another long, low moan.
“Dad…Are you okay?”
I let the rope drop from my hands, taking a step back. I recognized those eyes. I’d seen them before. I took another step, and something snapped beneath my foot. I looked down. A syringe. Three of them.
“Matthew…” Dad rasped. “The river.”

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2020.07.02 21:44 DonerTheBonerDonor [PS4] [H] Striker Orange & Striker Black Carbon [W] 6k for both

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2020.07.02 21:44 _RedheadRaven_ Can I test an Oculus Rift on a very under specced laptop? just to make sure it works?

So I'm going to buy a second-hand oculus rift cv1 and this person sent me a video fo them using it but I just wanted to be extra sure. I downloaded the Oculus software onto my laptop but it is very weak. I obviously don't want to power it on and play a game, I just need to test for like dead pixels and make sure it works. Will that be enough or does it have a barrier where it won't let you do anything unless you have an up to spec computer.

Also, don't worry my desktop is definitely powerful enough. I am going from a Samsung odyssey plus because the WMR portal is crashing my desktop and causing a lot of issues. Also, the tracking is....... interesting.... while playing beat saber.

Also really sorry if I selected the wrong flair, I wasn't sure what to pick. Sorry!
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2020.07.02 21:44 MrAwesomeTG West of Loathing it's so ridiculous that it actually is fun

Game cracks me up. It is a lot of reading but it's funny. The first I thought it was going to be stupid and then I start playing it and realize how ridiculously funny it is.
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2020.07.02 21:44 alloncm Debugging rust with vs code

Hi Im trying to debug my program in vscode and I keep seeing that some vars in the debugger wont show their values but shows `Variable is optimized away and not available.` instead of the value.
does someone knows how to solve this?
thanks in advance
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2020.07.02 21:44 OG-NHL93 LTT/S: 97 Zibanejad, 92 Awards Steen and others

Would love to package Ziby and Steen for higher end card. Have some 92’s-94’s also plus awards collectibles
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2020.07.02 21:44 MarkNcheese42 Rare photo of a prototype harvester tunneling from the Earth.

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2020.07.02 21:44 LockDownLifeUK1 Minecraft hypixel bedwars tips and tricks 2020

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2020.07.02 21:44 theman8631 Feedback on Rune Knight before I DM a player

I have seen such a mix of opinions regarding Rune Knight. I want the version that feels balanced compared to the other players. At this point I don't know if its OP or Perfect or what. I do however think there is some room for interesting variation I would like to see such as differences between armoweapon runes, more interesting level development with runes, more variation of runes, runes that aren't so OP you would always choose it and not so under powered no one would.
That being said I'm not as good at breaking down all the mechanics as alot of people here. There's three versions that seem like have had enough thought to be a direction to use:
Original Rune Knight as written
HollywoodTK's Slight Modifications Rune Knight Revised
KingInYellow2703's Total Rework Rune Knight Revised
Are there other options out there and if so, what direction should I take. I don't want to discourage my player from using rune knight, but I want to offer a version that I think is the most engaging and doesn't upset the other players with being OP.
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2020.07.02 21:44 OriDesu top tier cone game on the Duke (pic i took last year)

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2020.07.02 21:44 TMY88 [XB1] W: TS/FFR/25VATS AR H: 35k caps to spend

Would prefer to purchase one for max caps, would even buy a 2* TS/FFR for the right price.
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2020.07.02 21:44 phedre Kiara just released merch!

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