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Sword of Zariel question

Sword of Zariel Only one good-aligned character among the group can attune to the Sword of Zariel, and only if you’ve deemed that they’ve acted in a manner that would cause it to choose them. The sword won’t allow itself to be attuned to any character that entered into an infernal pact, spent or used any charges from a soul coin, or willingly subjected themselves to Flesh Warping. While Zariel was still an angel, she wielded the Sword of Zariel, which was later hidden for her by Yael, a general in her army and Lulu, a hollyphant who acted as her companion and mount. Zariel lived in a massive fortress in Avernus. It was made of basalt and spanned an area of 5 square miles (13 square kilometers). One of my players (Dess) is a Pact of the Blade Hexblade Warlock, and I've decided his Hexblade is the Sword of Zariel itself. The sword of Zariel has been the behind the scenes reason for Dess willingly plunging himself into literal hell with no idea why he did it. Anyway, the Sword of Zariel poses some problems mechanically that I'm not a fan of. Sword of Zariel. We couldn’t not ... you can use one of its 3 charges to drain away its hit points or ask a question and compel the soul to answer you. Souls trapped in this matter can be freed by destroying it–but if you put it into an Infernal Warmachine…you can destroy a soul forever by burning through the fuel. ... 5E has a short list of artifacts, so it’s basically a race between the Sword of Kas, the Sword of Zariel (from Descent into Avernus), and Ed Han’s more than credible choice of Blackrazor. * Blackrazor is essentially a +3 sword that grants you majo... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 11. Surrendering Zariel's sword. Close. 11. Posted by 6 months ago. Archived. Surrendering Zariel's sword. If a player attunes to the sword they are remade into a new sub species of divinity. If that same player then surrenders the blade would ... The sword was sentient, capable of communicating with the wielder by the transmission of emotion. It had the ability to hear sounds and speech and to see in the normal spectrum up to 30 ft (9.1 m) away. History Edit. The sword once belonged to the archdevil Zariel, when she was an angel of Celestia, before her descent into the Nine Hells. Zariel is a good template for what happens when you no longer have the sword of zariel. Asmodeus is more powerful than the gods and she kept her core attributes when taking on the infernal mantle. It also says she can destroy the sword if she wishes, but you wouldn't assume her to lose any of her abilities or features otherwise with it. Question about Attunement to Sword of Zariel So claiming the Sword of Zariel is presented as a pretty significant event what with the lead-up and the story stakes. What catches my attention, however, are the consequences for attuning to the sword. After a player becomes this amazing quasi-Celestial idealised Version devoted to good.... what then?

2020.08.08 09:26 coolfella69 Sword of Zariel question

Am I reading the sword correctly and it's not even a +1 bonus? Would have thought it would be a +3 but I cant see that in any of its stats.
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2020.08.08 09:26 Al25green How are roommate changes handled?

I am in a very bad situation with my roommate and I am going to try to get a roommate change. Are these usually difficult to get?
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2020.08.08 09:26 Temporary-Season-732 Episode

What is that episode when peter gets addicted to energy drinks and then makes his own and has to get a new kidney and brian is willing to sacrafice himself before hartman turns out to be a match?
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2020.08.08 09:26 Daemien73 PrEP a Torino

Salve a tutt, lavoro nel campo dell’HIV all’estero e spesso mi capita di occuparmi di PrEP (profilassi pre esposizione per prevenire l’HIV) di cui io stesso faccio uso. So che in Italia è stata approvata ma purtroppo non viene ancora rimborsata. Mi sono state chieste informazioni su dove chiedere la PrEP a Torino, mi pare di comprendere che si possa fare riferimento allo sportello di MST (malattie sessualmente trasmissibili). Però vorrei sapere se qualcun avesse più informazioni sulla procedura (soprattutto nel periodo Covid) e costi. Grazie
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2020.08.08 09:26 damn_it_dom Food eaters of Reddit, what is the worst thing you've ever eaten/experienced while eating?

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2020.08.08 09:26 guyabanoh fanart of general armstrong from fmab!

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2020.08.08 09:26 Dissposed_Tree234 How do people add there age beside there usernames?

It’d be nice to have people know how old I am with out having to say it when I comment
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2020.08.08 09:26 creggomyeggoo Constant BSOD

My pc I giving me a huge headache, I’ve ran driver verifier, updated all my drivers, checked for viruses, ran ram tests, reseated my ram and even factory reset pc and yet it still BSODS. If there’s anything that can help I’m open to try anything. Specs: Crucial BX500 SSD 1TB (about 3 months old) (The rest of the components I got in January of 2020) Ryzen 7 2700 clocked at 3.8 ghz 1.175v Zotac RTX 2070 mini Deepcool Castle 240EX AIO (overheating is not the issue) G Skill Trident RGB RAM 3600 mhz clocked at 3200mhz cause of MOBO Asrock B450M Steel Legend Mobo
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2020.08.08 09:26 Matlabguru The Best Ever Guide on Python Programming Basics For Beginners

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2020.08.08 09:26 GarbledMan One day we'll all be old as fuck, social media "death alerts" will be a thing, and your 50,000 followers will be dropping off like flies.

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2020.08.08 09:26 whatever21327 Alyson Cline Easily Wins Distrct 2 city council election.

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2020.08.08 09:26 LexFennx question about click timing

I find alot of the games I play my aim feels natural and smooth and can do the core movements easily however when I go into csgo or even valorant I find my aim to be forced, by this I mean that when I aim I have to force the xhair to go where I want it, the only time I found that I didnt have this sensation and rather the opposite (making it go where I want but struggling to keep it there making it good for click timing but bad for tracking) was when I was playing with an absurd 360 of 10.9in I also find it easier to aim with another absurd number of 68.2 per 360.
TLDR: what would cause the sensation of forcing or struggling with a 360 in only one game and are there any tips on getting around or learning how to fix this issue
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2020.08.08 09:26 SuperIga Epic 4k Alaska Drone Montage

Hey everyone, I just made a new video on YouTube and I’d really appreciate ANYONE who checks it out. It’s a 4k montage video of Alaska, only 2 minutes long. Any feedback is appreciated. Shot on a Mavic Mini upscaled to 4k. Thanks!!
Also if you enjoyed the video I’d really appreciate if you’d drop a like and/or subscribe for future videos. Cheers!! 🥂
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2020.08.08 09:26 sourpeachboi [FT] Crafted Fall Items [LF] Bells or Celeste DIYs

After 4 days of going up and down and up and down of the shoreline, popping balloons, I have finally done it. I collected all the fall recipes. So, I wanna put it to some use and get some bells so that people who don't do much NMT trading can also get fall stuff.
I think I've collected enough mushrooms, acorns, pine cones, and maple leaves to craft a few of people's requests. And if you have extra Celeste DIYs, I'll trade 3 of any items for it. And if you have the tall garden rock recipe, I'll trade 1 for it. If you have the materials, I can also just craft them for you for free. :)
Once you comment what you want, I'll reply if I have enough materials left and ask you to DM your dodo. Please ready the bells when I go to your island, I just don't wanna get scammed lol.
MUSH ITEMS: Mush Lamps / Log Stools / Mush Low Stool - 198 K Bells each / 2 stacks of bells each Mush Parasol /Mush Partition / Mush Table / Mush Umbrella / Mush Wreath - 396 K Bells each / 4 stacks of bells each Mush Wall / Mush Wand / Forest Flooring / Forest Wall - 594 K Bells each / 6 stacks of bells each
FALL ITEMS: Red-leaf Pile / Yellow-leaf Pile / Pile of Autumn Leaves / Leaf Campfire / Traditional Balancing Toy - 99 K Bells each / 1 stack of bells each Leaf Stool / Maple-leaf Pond Stone / Maple-leaf Pochette / Acorn Pochette / Maple-leaf Umbrella / Tree's Bounty Lamp / Tree's Bounty Mobile - 198 K Bells each / 2 stacks of bells each Tree's Bounty Little Tree / Pine Bonsai Tree - 297 K Bells each / 3 stacks of bells each Tree's Bounty Big Tree / Tree's Bounty Arch / Autumn Wall / Colored-leaves Flooring - 594 K Bells each / 6 stacks of bells each
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2020.08.08 09:26 niko031 How is your evening going?

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2020.08.08 09:26 DobbieDoobieBoo Please let me know if this thing was poisonous enough to not let me post. Close encounter. West Bengal,India.

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2020.08.08 09:26 sGvDaemon Upgrading SSHD to SSD, dimension compatibility?

So I currently have a Seagate 1TB Desktop SATA III 3.5" Internal Hybrid Drive. It has a 3.5'' Form factor and it slots in nicely to my case.
I want to upgrade to a Samsung EVO 2.5" SSD in the 840 - 860 range. They are compatible with my motherboard but I'm wondering if I may have a problem with actually installing it in my case because they have a 2.5'' Form Factor.
Is this going to be an issue?
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