If i were to fuse, how do i get my golds and scrolls back? In what order should i fuse? | The Unofficial Minish Cap FAQ/Help Topic! - The Legend of ...

If i were to fuse, how do i get my golds and scrolls back? In what order should i fuse?

Replace the fuse with an identical component. The fuse must be exactly the same size and have the same amperage rating as the original. This information should be displayed on the fuse, although you may need a magnifying glass to read it. Pop the new fuse back in with the fuse puller or insulated gloves. Buy a couple spare fuses. In order to complete the Fusion, you must induce the following: (1) Complete all 5 of Jotaro's quests. (2) Obtain a Stone Rokakaka fruit. (3) Head towards the wall eyes located in Morioh. Make sure that you're carrying your base stand while your sub stand is in the yellow square in Pucci's Storage. (4) Stand on the wall eyes and eat your stone rokakaka. [NOTE]: Upon a successful fusion, all ... I had my tenure reset from 5 years to 1 year this evening. It has something to do with the new profile download feature. I used it on my othe Xbox and soon as my profile was downloaded it was at one year. I called support and they knew nothing about the issue or could resolve it. Spinal fusion is surgery to join two or more vertebrae into one single structure. The goal is to stop movement between the two bones and prevent back pain.Once they’re fused, they no longer move ... A: You can get and use everything in order by heading counter-clockwise around the area, getting everything along the way. Sometimes you have to kill all the fish to make stuff appear. You can kill... The thermal fuse is a safety component that trips if the air flowing through the dryer drum overheats. A blocked exhaust vent is the most common reason the air overheats. When the thermal fuse blows in an electric dryer, the display lights still work but the drive motor won't run. Today’s New York Times features two faces of Thomas Jefferson, literally back to back. On the op-ed page, Kurt Anderson’s fascinating column on self-indulgence and the ’60s features this ... In order to access the fusion window, either double click on the Enchantments or right click on the Enchantments and click “Fuse into Greater”. You will either have a fusion success or a failure, as shown by the following images: If you are successful, you will create a single Rank 2 Radiant Enchantment.

2020.08.08 09:20 ken0walker If i were to fuse, how do i get my golds and scrolls back? In what order should i fuse?

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2020.08.08 09:20 TadGax Added a few vegetation and houses on my build. Hope you like it.

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2020.08.08 09:20 Supa-Stoned 25F - Looking for some 😌chill😌 daddies. 🌿

Quarantine hasn’t ended and my attention span has worsened.. so, I’m in need of a change. I’d love to meet some new people to eventually become a regular thing, you know? The type of friendship where we can play game after game, or to play our own game but chill in party. To where we create bonds and learn about each other type friendship. Long-term type friendships. What better time than quarantine hours? Now about what I play: Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys, Overwatch (strictly competitive, though), Minecraft and Rainbow Six Siege are what I currently have downloaded. I’m often high while I’m playing, so you’re gonna have to be accepting of stoners. ✌🏽 Finally, I’m only interested in people who are 21+! Gimme an intro about what type of vibe you give off and where is best to contact you (PSN, SC or Discord).
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2020.08.08 09:20 RLordo Bunny Girl!

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2020.08.08 09:20 sex_machine_69 Russia offers to supply Philippines with COVID-19 vaccine

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2020.08.08 09:20 Pasvanti What brand of sf vanilla syrup does McDonalds use (US)?

Customer here! I love the sf vanilla syrup that McDonalds uses. It tastes way better than others I’ve tasted. Could someone tell me what the brand is?
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2020.08.08 09:20 FOSSLE_Officer Purposefully splitting the party in a horror campaign (looking for suggestions)

So I'm planning to have a horror campaign based on liminal spaces (think The Backrooms, SCP-3008, etc.) for some people on my Discord server and I have stumbled into a problem that I think I can fix.
A total of 8 people signed up to join, more than I had anticipated, and not only do I think juggling around 8 players is going to be a mess but having 8 people kinda decreases the horror element. I want my players to feel vulnerable, being in a big group diminishes that feeling.
My solution to this is that in the first session once my players have entered the nightmarish hellscape I've designed for them, that they will be forced to split up into two separate parties of 4 players. This means that they will be playing on separate sessions within the same week, which I think will be better for me to DM and for them to explore their own characters.
I am wondering as to what exactly the in-universe reason for them being forced to split up is. The nightmare realm they're going to be in is dream-like and shifting, so I suppose I can do something like "the floor beneath you starts to part, revealing an endless chasm below", but I was hoping if anybody had any more interesting suggestions. My only caveat is that I would like to give my PCs a little time to talk to each other before they have to move on, like from the other side of a locked door or across a huge chasm.
I'm also wondering if I should tell them that they're going to be split up into two groups in Session 0 or keep it a surprise. I do want the sorting of the two groups to be a decision that the players are forced to make but at the same time, I don't want to feel as if this is unfair for them or ruin any potential relationships between PCs that have been established before campaign-start.
Another idea I would like to implement is for these two parties to be able to communicate and affect each other's journeys in a limited capacity. Like, they have smartphones but only in certain places can they send each other's texts or clues to help out on their end. They could also physically affect the others, by operating machinery or doing something to debuff the monster that's hunting them.
I do also plan on having the two parties meet again sometime in the middle to perhaps exchange party members, and also meet again for the final encounter to escape the nightmare realm.
I'd also like to ask if this is a good idea at all, or if there are any general criticisms of this premise. I completely understand that it's my fault for not limiting the players in the first place, and maybe some players might just decide that they don't want to join, but regardless it's something I have to take into account.
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2020.08.08 09:20 Voo_Hu Will humankind be alive in 2525 and why or why not?

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2020.08.08 09:20 sheepdawg7 My KMLs aren't exporting properly. What am I doing wrong?

I've been using Q for over a year producing KMLs. I recently upgraded from 3.8 to 3.10 and just can't seem to get it right.
My Project CRS is set to "EPSG:4283 - GDA94", my layer CRS is in "EPSG:28356 - GDA94 / MGA zone 56 - Projected".
I right click my layer > export > save feature as
Then select KML and set the CRS to "EPSG:4326 - WGS 84".
On QGIS, it shows up as a new layer in the right place. But if I try open the KML on my phone in Google Earth and similar apps- i get thrown into Europe but it should be in eastern Australia.
What is going on?
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2020.08.08 09:20 urlradar3 Walter White: “JESSE?! Goddamnit, Jesse, you ANSWER me!” Jesse Pinkman: “Yo! Chill. I’m playing Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis.” Walt: “...Is that the game with lock on technology that lets you play as Knuckles in previous games?” Jesse: “Yeah.” ...What are your thoughts on this thread title?

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2020.08.08 09:20 toxicdeliquency Stranger Things!

Hey all! I’m currently on the hunt for someone to play Billy Hargrove against an oc of mine (shes hella fleshed our with a season by season bio, i swear lol). Anyways, please be 18+, literate, and able to keep billy as in character as you can. (I’ve just seen people turn him into a softie aaaand idk not my cup of tea). Um, but if you’re interested pm me and we can exchange discords!
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2020.08.08 09:20 element805 Iroshizuku vs noodler ink?

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2020.08.08 09:20 Zack_The_Nerd howling rn

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2020.08.08 09:20 QWERTYUIOP7a Help. Updater automatically downloading system updates even when automatic updates are disabled.

I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 7a running on Android 9 and MIUI 11. The updater keeps downloading the rom. I've already denied mobile data but still it's downloading the roms. I've already tried clearing data but it's of no use. I've lost 4 GB of data due to this issue. I can't stop it from running. I'm now using firewall to stop the app from accessing the internet. Any help will be appreciated.
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2020.08.08 09:20 urlradar3 What deceased artist would you bring back to see what they could do with todays technology?

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2020.08.08 09:20 bippityboppe Getting the hang of it, found my second oldest coin today

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2020.08.08 09:20 Arcadegames500 A drawing I made

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2020.08.08 09:20 ZeroLexx Windows 10 ~ Desktop Icons postponed

Basically everything moved up a bit, happened before, can't remember how I've fixed it.
Heres a pic ~ https://imgur.com/a/wyMf61d
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2020.08.08 09:20 duhitsaaron03 New post

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2020.08.08 09:20 PandaHeroNL1 Don en Arvy gaan samen op vakantie

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2020.08.08 09:20 sylsau You Bought Bitcoin for the First Time? Great! Now, It’s Time to Define a Strategy and Stick to It

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2020.08.08 09:20 PinkPigPie Hey autists, made money to pay off my student loans and wanted to share with you guys.

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2020.08.08 09:20 Rodzskey When miners don't pay fee

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2020.08.08 09:20 semi_automatic_oboe Was Gilbert married?

When Violet first arrives at his villa the servant asks if she should inform the madam, is that his mother or his wife?
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2020.08.08 09:20 light-heart-ed *The power of three will set us free...*

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