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10,000 Cuties!

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2020.07.02 21:18 nafoozie 10,000 Cuties!

Hello boys, girls, and that wonderful technicolor rainbow in between.
As of today /ryumimi has officially reached ten thousands subscribers. Our dragon cult is now the size of a small city. Thanks to all of you for getting us to this point, you're all adorable and I'm excited to share a passion for dragon girls/boys with so many people.
While I may have created this sub, I didn't build it on my own, so I'd like to mention a few special cuties who have gone out of their way to make this community better.
Cariceisbestgirl the first mod besides myself. A quiet but diligent member of our community who helps patrol the sub and ensure that spam and other reddit abuse is vanquished from our hallowed halls!
EmilyEvie A cutie who was crucial to the creation of our discord server, they played a big role in setting up and organizing the server to be a more comfortable hangout for everyone. Wherever you are now Emily, I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate you.
squidybear Our second mod to join the team, squids has shown a passion for cute dragons that exceeds even my own. This little squid helps with a lot of the sfw side of the sub and the discord, while also populating both sides of the community with wholesome content.
xaevier While not a mod, xaevier is responsible for a good deal of content on this sub, as well the side bar info about where to find dragons. Xaevier's passion has shown through, and this sub is better because of it.
swiftswim22 & shinetozero these two cuties are frequent posters on the subreddit and it's even at the point where they probably post more than I do.
Lastly, I'd like to thank all of the other active members of the community who I may have missed. All of the people submitting content, chatting in discord, even making emotes for us. It's because of your effort that we've grown to the size that we are today.
It's a pleasure to have you all as my ryumimi companions, and I look forward to continuing the adventure with everyone.
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2020.07.02 21:18 _jblez Any Bruce Fans?

Selling an excellent condition copy of Greetings from Asbury Park NJ on vinyl! Send me a message if you’re interested
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2020.07.02 21:18 Kronkulus Ken Kaneki

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2020.07.02 21:18 chacosrlife Any idea why this isn't working? More info in comments

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2020.07.02 21:18 Renan3469 that's unusual

that's unusual
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2020.07.02 21:18 husky2997 As I walked underneath the canopy of trees, I looked up, only to realize that I was beneath a steel sky. [Kennywood, Steel Curtain]

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2020.07.02 21:18 wyk747 Books on suicide preparation.

Is there a book that provide the dos and donts for people who are planning to commit suicide? 1. Preparing finances 2. Preparing death 3. Preparing death note 4. Preparing the actual process and venue.
If not, is it profitable to write such a book or make such videos.
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2020.07.02 21:18 OrangeJoe9 Go support this man

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2020.07.02 21:18 4-Naans-Jez Afflicting the players with the Death Curse as the hook

First up, just wanted to say thanks to this sub. It has been hugely helpful in prepping for the module!
So my party are one session in, I’m letting them explore Port Nyanzaru for a while before starting the death curse and getting the ball rolling there.
However, my party aren’t all that interested in any NPCs. So having an NPC afflicted doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for them to stop the curse. I’ve had the idea of killing one or two of them and having the death curse afflict them as a hook.
Details wise I wouldn’t have the death curse affect the PC’s health or anything. Just a few constitution saving throws outside of combat every now and then.
Have any of you tried this? What do you reckon?
Thanks again!
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2020.07.02 21:18 mastistar Any AWS/CLOUD junior positions or internships available?

I have recieved my AWS solutions architect certificate. I would love to start a junior position or an internship to gain experience. If anyone knows, please advise me.
I am based in Hyderabad. Can do remote.
Thank you
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2020.07.02 21:18 Jared-Bumalay Summary of Jardons speedruns in 1.16

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2020.07.02 21:18 adventure_in_colours ITAP of a RON ZACAPA bottle my friend gave me.

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2020.07.02 21:18 Andyholm Game Night - Outtakes #1

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2020.07.02 21:18 SappigeMeneer Check!

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2020.07.02 21:18 CraterT Nevada PUA eligibility

From the NV PUA website,a person is eligible if the "Individuals who were going to start work but could not due to COVID-19 pandemic". Couldn't anybody claim they were going to work?
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2020.07.02 21:18 disagreeablegray And the villagers rejoiced!

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2020.07.02 21:18 Daily1112222 [Question] Why does the g-max Blastoise you get from Honey have a darker skin tone?

My blastoise I got from honey have a darker skin tone? It's not shiny and looks different than I blastoise I transferred from Let's Go.
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2020.07.02 21:18 unfoxable It sucks

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2020.07.02 21:18 rafisha Mock slow draft (4h), half-ppr, TE premium, slow draft

1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 flex (w/t), def, k, 4 benches. Mock draft will start once all spots are filled out.
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2020.07.02 21:18 cakedayerday Do I have to pay taxes on money I am collecting for a charity

I'm new to Canada. I pay taxes on my job income.
However, the past week I launched a crowdfunding campaign on a popular US site to help some refugee students back home. I used my personal bank account for the payout. The campaign goal is $17k, we are already at $4k. When the campaign is over the money will be transferred to my personal account, then I will transfer all of it to the non-profit organization back home. Probably through Western Union. The non-profit organization is only local and only has a local bank account that doesn't accept international transfers. That's why I used my personal account.
My question is there anything I need to do when tax time comes?
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2020.07.02 21:18 adiagomarcelo How does one defeat the great “I know you are, but what am I?” & It’s sibling “I know I am, but what are you?”

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2020.07.02 21:18 darkshreaders2 I mean I'm not wrong

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2020.07.02 21:18 bot_painani Gutiérrez Müller rechaza ver a padres de niños con cáncer y despierta críticas

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2020.07.02 21:18 globia I want to help someone but they won't budge

There is a boy that I've been aware has problems for a long time now. I don't know him irl, but on instagram he posts a lot in his story about his problems. He's really difficult to deal with and I've been telling him repeatedly to get help but he won't budge. FYI: he's between 13-16 so it's very difficult for him to find a therapist on his own. He is trans and struggles with not being accepted, anger issues and possible trauma, and he also told me he has imaginary friends and can hear them. I told him to tell a teacher and ask to get a therapist but he doesn't want to and tells me that he dislikes adults. I'm completely out of ideas and these conversations are triggering my depression but I still really want to help him because it's very hard to see people like this. Any tips?
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2020.07.02 21:18 Bapedebopi59 Best Archer Alive! - Sherwood Extreme

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