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Florida, America’s Pandemic Playground

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – As the Central Florida community continues to come to terms with the threat of coronavirus, local business owners are doing their part to alleviate some of the concerns... Popular children’s playground closed in Florence during pandemic 4/19/2020. Is America’s Pandemic Waning or Raging? Yes. DOJ asks SCOTUS to block Dems' access to Mueller docs. Florida: America's Jihad Playground June 22, 2016. Staff. ... The president of the united states was impeached by the House. A global pandemic shut down the world's economy (or, more accurately, our governments did that to us) and has killed over 118,000 Americans – thus far. A Minneapolis cop murdered a black man sparking worldwide protests ... ‘America’s Playground’ shuts down: What the Las Vegas strip looks like amid coronavirus pandemic Lexi Peery, Reno Gazette Journal 3/18/2020. Second US virus wave emerges as cases top 2M. In the pandemic’s early days, local beaches and bars were overrun by cavorting Spring Breakers, carelessly spreading contagion in their wake. For a brief stretch in April, social-distancing... A Florida JCC survived the pandemic with no layoffs. Now it’s reopening. ... CEO of the JCC Association of North America. ... And the playground will be fully disinfected after each class uses ... On March 1, 2020, the U.S. state of Florida became the tenth state in the United States with a documented COVID-19 case, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within two weeks, widespread closures of public schools, resorts, and theme parks had been announced throughout the state. The playground closures are East Gate Park, John Nolen Park, Legacy Park, Mundy Park, Prentiss French Park, Venezia Park, West Blalock Park swings, and Venice Area Beautification Inc. (VABI ... The CDC and scientists don’t think it’s safe for kids to visit playgrounds in parks during coronavirus pandemic due to overcrowding and shared surfaces like slides and monkey bars that can ... r/distortedview: The Distorted View Show is a daily comedy podcast hosted by Tim Henson. Every weekday he scours the darkest corners of the web in …

2020.07.02 22:56 bobcat Florida, America’s Pandemic Playground

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2020.07.02 22:56 MineWit This is the closest thing to help and is not about reddit, i noticed that my dad had put a secret camera, how do i confront?

My dad told me that there was a better phone my brother had but that was water damaged, i checked and somehow it worked! It was better than mine so i took it, but i noticed in the corner of my eye that there was a small box with a power charger (I'm polish i don't know what was it in english) so i inspected the box and turns out it's a secret camera within the thing. I noticed that the only things were in there was an USB drive and some manuals, agreements and stuff. I went through the manuals and agreements and after that i took the USB drive and injected it into my computer... Nothing. Nothing showed up so i just didn't care at all and went on with my day.
Two days later my dad got confused that there was an USB drive on his nightstand, he tried to investigate everyone. He looked like he had no idea what was happening but i think he knew.
Another 4 days pass and i look at dad's desk, THERE IT IS! I noticed the power charger! I take it and inspected it, turns out you can take out a clip and there was a harddrive, i realized that the USB stick is empty so i injected it into the USB and put it into my computer again. Turns out now there's a video! The thing is, it's not playing, the power charger is probably still recording or i took the hardrive mid recording. Which brings me here now. What do i do? I need help and advice.
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2020.07.02 22:56 sammom123 Someone (M30) followed me (F24) and I’m afraid to leave

Someone almost crashed into my car. I was totally paying attention but was scared. I yelled at himand they proceeded to follow me to my location. After they drove away, I got out and went to my local neighborhood pool. Other people are around but I’m afraid to get back into my car. I’m afraid to leave. Please help.
I have PTSD.
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2020.07.02 22:56 dossermd Dosser - "Weighed Down" Official Music Video

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2020.07.02 22:56 MCGEE6865 Do you think Sony has plans to implement DLSS like technology in the future?

With Microsoft working in DirectML, their answer to nvidia dlss does do you think Sony has a response to that? I don't think the benefit of these technologies can be understated. They can essentially instantly double framerates on PC. And on console with better optimization they could work even better.
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2020.07.02 22:56 I_thght_he_was_wth_u Solo Cinebot system designed for tele-operated video production

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2020.07.02 22:56 wowugotit Barbara Dickson - January, February

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2020.07.02 22:56 therealfatumbot Randonaut Trip Report from المدينة المنورة (Saudi Arabia)

Intention Driven Anomaly found V-3988A7A2 (24.844225 40.505348) Type: Void Radius: 207m Power: 1.87 z-score: -4.48
Report: Ok
First point what3words address: تحليق.يحلق.أديب Google Maps | Google Earth
Intent set: Ok Artifact(s) collected? No Was a 'wow and astounding' trip? Yes
Trip Ratings Meaningfulness: Casual Emotional: Anxious Importance: Ordinary Strangeness: Strange Synchronicity: Somewhat
b82a392bd4a787e0bfd34334268e6ec16f17ac5b7f3d31a5299bfdedb227762e 3988A7A2
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2020.07.02 22:56 nathadelie Lel

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2020.07.02 22:56 S0Eric "Global" state

I work on a large codebase that doesn't use any JS framework except jQuery. Because of this approach, two fairly simple components that show the same list of "comments", one with icons on a timeline, and the other in a list form, require 4500 lines of JS code. It isn't fun to work on. I'd love to incrementally convert the UI components to Solid(js).
Unfortunately, even though I've taken a lot of Angular and React training, I've never built a large app. So when I look at the documentation, and samples, it is hard to know how to expand the ideas to a large app.
For example, with these two components that show "comments", what is the best way to have them both share the same state, so a change to the list of comments will trigger both components to change? In addition, there are other states that drive the behavior of both components, for example, the security level of the user, and the "mode" that the app is in.
I need to keep digging and reading, but the examples I've seen are simple and create a state object inside each component. I see the API has a lot of features, and I could try things to see what works or not, but it would save me a lot of time to know the appropriate way this should be done.
Thank you for your time.
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2020.07.02 22:56 electromeandtheboys A woman who donated her body to science and had it cut into 27000 slices

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2020.07.02 22:56 hero-main123 So I got 750 gale some time ago but I didn’t knew that we had flairs for trophies, so can I have a 750 trophy gale flair?

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2020.07.02 22:56 ArchVileSoup Incels.co and stochastic terrorism

Stochastic terrorism or "lone wolf terrorism" is a form a terrorism where attacks are not planned but happen at random after being indirectly encouraged to do so by a hate group.
A good example of stochastic terrorism is the alt-right. Although terrorist attacks from the alt-right are not directly planned. Shootings like the Christ Church shooter are directly related to the alt-right.
Stochastic terrorism is best illustrated as a pyramid. The pyramid is split into 5 parts top to bottom, each part represents an increasing aggression towards the targets of a hate group.
At the bottom of the period are the people not really initiated with the the hate group, but are vulnerable to being sucked in. With incels being the hate group, the first part of the pyramid would be a large chunk of the atmosphere, PUAs, neckbeards, "redpillers" (more likely part of the alt-right), and men's rights activists. These can be summed up as the homer simpsons of the incel stochastic terrorism pyramid, stupid and harmless.
The second part of the pyramid is microagressions. Small acts that display message, usually publically. People in this stage are initiated but still not fully aware of the incel scope. This would be like an alt-righter locking their door if they see black people near their car. For incels this would be talking anti-feminism to a friend or using "blackpill", "foid" and other incel slurs outside of incels.co.
The third part of the stochastic terrorism pyramid is active discrimination or macroagressions. Full incel awareness and initiation. These are the people that usually browse but dont post much on incels.co. they haven't met the point if no return yet but its bad. For a an alt-right person, this is, instead of locking your car door near black people, fully avoiding a black community and taking a knife with you, then telling your friends to alert them because you saw blacks. Incels at this phase see any woman with an attractive man a who're, they will actively try to avoid woman at all costs, and probably might accidentally spurt out a "foid" in person once a while.
The fourth part of the pyramid is the danger zone. Usually by this phase you've fully adopted you're hate group's ideology. This is where the law breaking starts as well. For the alt-right this would be the equivalent of being a police officer solely to harass black people and incarcerate them. For incels, this would be the "my next rape victim" guy, doxxing, harassment of this subreddit's userbase, people calling out for violence etc.
The final part of the pyramid, the tip. Is genocide. I already mentioned the Christ church shooter. For Incels this is what they'd call "going ER". Once someone is at this phase they've already killed people and they have either killed themselves or are in prison.
So why did i write this? Well the alt-right stochastic terrorism pipeline and the incel pipeline are identical. This is the hardest proof possible that incels are a terrorist group. They arent exactly an organisation since they don't have a leader though.
How do we fix this? The sad and only answer I have is we can't, we can prevent incel violence but as long as social norms are as they are, the incel ideology will sadly flourish, more and more people are becoming vulnerable to this ideology but there is one way to at least filter incel recruitment.
Media attention: incels get almost no media unless a shooting happens, this is the exact same as the alt-right. If its more out there that incels.co is a terror group people will know not to join. Tell a friend, or suggest the idea to a youtuber to spread the word.
Ps: if you're just truely a lonely virgin, and not malevolent, go to foreveralone you'd be surprised how many people go through what you go through.
Ppps: for a better explanation of stochastic terrorism id recommend looking up "alt-right pipeline" on YouTube. First result, good video.
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2020.07.02 22:56 TapRforGoblinGrenade [PS4] W: Nocturnal/PA/S Deathclaw Gauntlet, Nocturnal/Strength Leather Armor. H: 5.56.10k per Armor piece, 25k for the Gauntlet.

Stop laughing. I'm serious.
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2020.07.02 22:56 BlckBeard21 More a fox, but still one of the pack.

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2020.07.02 22:56 _adrianna__ harm ocd

i’ve had this before where i had “urges” or thoughts about harming my family (mom in particular). but it went away for months and i got over it. today i was arguing with my mom and was pretty mad and when i left i started thinking about this guy who had disagreements with his family so he killed him(this upset me). i started thinking about how i could’ve easily done that to my mom and now all day that’s all i’ve been thinking about and i just wanna cry and be alone in my room cause i’m scared i’m gonna do something. i would NEVER hurt my mom or anyone i’m not a dangerous person and it upsets me so much to be even thinking something like this. it feels like this thought just stays in the back of my mind and won’t go away and i don’t feel “normal”. it’s like an “urge” or i think about getting a knife and doing it. it’s so scary to even be explaining
i’m really sad and scared is this harm OCD again or am i just crazy.
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2020.07.02 22:56 krspychicken FREE BITCOIN with Coinbase, verified works.

Pretty simple. Got myself $20 in free BTC yesterday. Anyone is interested give it a try.
Orchid - https://coinbase.com/earn/oxt/invite/z2tsxkqg
EOS - https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/jqs6k0d9
Stellar - https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/6t2dyshn
After you do these you can just convert it to BTC right on Coinbase now, then transfer out to another wallet.
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2020.07.02 22:56 priamthebirb Don't worry, our users will notify us if there's a problem

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2020.07.02 22:56 dfsaqwe I need an email volume report from each of my individual domains in my 365 tenant (we have many). Any tips to get this?

I've been looking into this; as Exchange Online doesn't use MessageTrackingLog, I'm being told to use the HistoricalSearch cmdlets that are now available, but it only returns upto 50,000 results?
Anyone can recommend other methods I can try?
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2020.07.02 22:56 jessmaddy Friends List

I think I'm having issues with my friends list. I play on Xbox but have made quite a few friends on PS4 and pc. When I went to sign in today my friends list has decreased by about 20 and it seems all my PS4 and pc friends are gone. Anyone got a fix for this?
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2020.07.02 22:56 SugarSquid Meanwhile, in Montgomery county...

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2020.07.02 22:56 distinctathlete Images from around the world raise funds for Black Lives Matter in new photo contest

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2020.07.02 22:56 iHaveAllTheSongs Why when my Ps4 goes into rest mode I always have to repair my External HDD when starting Ps4 back up even though I have it set to "Always supply power"??

I have the rest mode settings set to allow power to USB devices always. However, when waking up and turning my ps4 back on, I always have to repair my external HDD because it was "disconnected improperly." What am I missing here?
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2020.07.02 22:56 EggsBaconAndBread I just noticed that there was a pencil sharper in my furnace room (It still works)

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2020.07.02 22:56 DrWhipale-YT My cat has a white ball on its eye should i let it heal??

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