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Jacksonville - Started 0-4 but is now 2-4 with a win over #3 Kennesaw State under his belt. This game is a lot about confidence and now it seems like he has a groove going. All four of his losses were games he was in position to win, which I think says a lot to how well he has actually played despite his record. Hello everyone! Grass B. here! Yesterday Dude Perfect finally hit 52M subscribers a month after smashing 51M! This video took about a day too make.. not that long! Anyways always make to like and ... r/NoobGunOwners: A judgment-free community for new/prospective gun owners to come and learn first and foremost about SAFETY. Free of politics … GatlingGroink57 hit over 1k subs yesterday. Thank you all so much for helping me get this far, and here's to even bigger numbers along the way! Music used: Spongebob Squarepants Production Music ... r/blueleaks: Interesting stuff from BlueLeaks. The Court held the radio station not liable because the radio station itself had done nothing illegal to obtain the tape. The case means that media defendants are not liable even if a third party violated the law. /r/diettea hit 1k subscribers yesterday. ... Dieting subs refuse to acknowledge EDs unless they’re basically encouraging them lol (tw for weight/BMI mention) So, also in recovery, no hate to anyone who’s struggling with recovery and weight gain. This is more about the subs reactions to said recovery pics than the people posting them. /r/suzannemorphew hit 1k subscribers yesterday. ... Not sure what a canvas is, but this sure seems odd to me, especially as a business owner who had no interaction with LE yesterday. 21. 26 comments. share. save hide report. 20. Posted by 6 days ago. Press conference on 6/10/2020 for Suzanne's case Otto Wagner's unbuilt Vienna. The top and bottom images are competition entries; in the center is his 1910 proposal for "Die Großstadt", a long-term scheme for the growth of the city that was a precursor to the grand urban plans of the twentieth century. r/ArcaMusic: Sub-reddit dedicated to the music of Arca. hi guys, my name is enzo and i'm from brazil, i'm 18 years old and i study art and media. In loving memory. Dear Listeners, Kapdan here. First, I want to say how much I appreciate the community that was built from this podcast. You guys offered your feedback and patience when we started this journey, provided input along the way, but most of all gave us your support when we needed to take a step back and focus on the other things happening in our lives.

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2020.07.02 22:45 konabot6 blush brown_hair close cropped long_hair mikkii original school_uniform tears waifu2x

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2020.07.02 22:45 DTURPLESMITH Another Rebel outpost destroyed

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2020.07.02 22:45 meb1995 Free pink roses!

Anyone want a bag full of pink roses? I’m overrun lol
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2020.07.02 22:45 ChiefAoki Have I made it yet

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2020.07.02 22:45 MahatamaGandhi Philosophers are people with permanent post nut clarity

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2020.07.02 22:45 Icith1128 Allow to view friends lists during the agent selection phase

Just something I thought would be a nice feature
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2020.07.02 22:45 angelnamedaurora Flexible school girl willing to do anything to pass your class. What will you do? 😉

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2020.07.02 22:45 Sh3dinja No shooting here no no no

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2020.07.02 22:45 blueskysun21 An update from Dean Chemerinsky of Berkeley:

An update from Dean Chemerinsky of Berkeley:
As previously announced, the California Bar examiners met with the deans of law schools this morning. Three Supreme Court justices attended as well: Justices Tino Cuellar, Josh Groban, and Goodwin Liu. The hearing was from 10:00-11:45 am. The chair of the bar examiners said that they are pursuing a remote exam on October 6. He said: “As of today, we are working towards a target date of October 6.” But he also said that “as of today, they have not reached any final decision whether there will be a remote bar exam.” The bar examiners discussed in detail the experience with the “first year law student exam” (“baby bar”) administered to those who went to non-ABA accredited law schools on June 23. The most interesting thing said was that they were considering making available old bar questions for students to practice with downloading and taking an on-line exam. They also said it takes 15-16 weeks to grade the bar exam. If the exam is September 9-10, grading will be done by December 25. If the exam is October 5-6, grading will be done by January 15. (As explained below, the deans objected to this.) The chair of the bar examiners said at the outset, “The deans certainly can use the time available to discuss alternatives to a bar exam. We are not tasked to do this and it is not within our purview.” This seemed a clear statement that their focus is solely to recommend to the California Supreme Court how to administer a bar exam, but not whether to recommend diploma privilege. Nonetheless, the four deans of ABA-accredited law schools who spoke – Song Richardson (UC Irvine), David Faigman (Hastings), Jennifer Mnookin (UCLA), and I – all advocated emergency diploma privileges for graduates of ABA accredited law schools. This was urged forcefully as justified and desirable under the circumstances. Each dean who spoke advocated for this. (Several deans of non-ABA accredited law schools spoke also.) The deans also urged that if there is a bar exam, it be one day on September 9 and all essay. It was indicated by the Bar and its psychometrician, Roger Bolus, that they do not think this is possible. The deans said that if there is not diploma privilege, that there be provisional bar licenses. We urged them to decide quickly – that the uncertainty as to when and how the bar exam will be conducted is causing enormous anxiety and harm for our students. They said that they will have a hearing with students on July 7 and then will decide quickly. At the end, Justice Liu said that he had an open mind, but thought that any solution would need to be uniform among all law schools in the state. Justice Cuellar said that there will be a committee created to look at the issue of cut scores. My conclusion – and to be clear no decision was announced and this is my interpretation – I think a remote bar exam in October is most likely. The deans, though, will continue to urge diploma privilege.
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2020.07.02 22:45 oOCryptixOo I talked to a chatbot on an RMT site

They were not amused that i asked them if they could fuck themselves.
In the end some russian guy answered to me with my location and i think they have blocked me now.

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2020.07.02 22:45 KHXIII Dying at work 😩

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2020.07.02 22:45 therealfatumbot Randonaut Trip Report from Brasília, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

Ponto aleatório gerado Q-BF704FEE (-15.835121 -47.921597)
Report: fvgbjhmkl
First point what3words address: ouvido.adição.mova Google Maps | Google Earth
Artifact(s) collected? No Was a 'wow and astounding' trip? No
Trip Ratings Meaningfulness: Significativo Emotional: Inspirado Importance: Mudança de vida Strangeness: Woo-woo estranho Synchronicity: Dirk Gentilmente
4bbed66b221d6eb5ed9c01721fa574d8e9f2f1258a8df075a0d19938750a913b BF704FEE
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2020.07.02 22:45 just4customs looking for a mentor!

hey guys. I hope its alright to post this on this sub.
been playing kart rider for about a month now... maybe a little longer. I am just about to hit genius and I'm wanting to learn from people much better than me. I love the game and am constantly trying to improve but I notice im hitting a plateau. I watch replays, follow the ghosts of top leader board players but I just kinda blow at the game. I feel like it's because I have no actual person to challenge/learn from.
anyway if there's anyone thats willing to hop on discord or something and play some games/give me tips hit me up.
BTW I'm a male 26. (would prefer someone in there 20s up, to talk to) although I don't discriminate. lol. anyone thats mature and friendly would be great.
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2020.07.02 22:45 isogreen42 New Poster for Palm Springs (2020)

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2020.07.02 22:45 MantisOfElegance [Xbox][H] These Painted Rocket Pass Limiteds [W] 20 cr Each

If you want multiple of white or black another of any (excluding white and black) color needs to be bought with each white or black item or it is just one white or black item for 20 cr.
Last 4 will be added in a bit have to check on other things for some time.
Artemis GxT: Burnt Sienna, 2x FG, Grey, Lime, Cobalt, 2x Pink, Purple, 4x Saffron
Chikara GxT: 6x Burnt Sienna, 2x Cobalt, 2x Crimson, 4x FG, 4x Grey, 6x Lime, 3x Orange, 5x Pink, 5x Purple, 4x Saffron, 4x SB
Guardian GxT: Black, 3x Burnt Sienna, 3x Cobalt, Crimson, 4x FG, 2x Grey, 5x Lime, 4x Orange, 2x Pink, 5x Purple, 4x Saffron, 2x TW
Mudcat GxT: 4x Burnt Sienna, 3x Cobalt, 4x Crimson, 5x FG, 3x Grey, 7x Orange, 5x Pink, 4x Purple, 6x Saffron, 3x SB, TW
Ronin GxT: 4x Burnt Sienna, 4x Cobalt, 7x Crimson, 5x FG, 5x Lime, 3x Orange, 3x Purple, 2x SB
Future Shock: FG, Saffron, Lime
Hydro Paint: TW, Black, 3x Cobalt, Crimson, 5x FG, 7x Lime, 4x Orange, Pink, 3x Purple, 3x Saffron, 3x SB
Streak wave: Black, Crimson, FG, Lime, 2x Orange, Pink
Celestial II: 3x BS, Orange, Cobalt, 3x Crimson, 3x FG, Grey, 2x Pink, 4x Purple, Saffron, SB
Gripstride HX: 2x Saffron, Pink, TW, 3x Grey, FG
Plasmatic: 2x BS, 2x Crimson, 2x FG, 2x Lime, 2x Orange, 3x Pink, 3x Purple, 2x Saffron, 2x SB, 2x TW
Rocket Forge II: Saffron, Lime, BS, Crimson, Pibk, Purple, 2x TW
Sprocket: 2x Saffron, Black, BS, Cobalt, FG, 3x Lime, 2x Orange, Pink, 2x Purple, 3x SB
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2020.07.02 22:45 Cropitekus Pentagon’s Nuclear Weapons ‘Power Grab’ Will Cause ‘Global Nuclear Arms Race’

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2020.07.02 22:45 NOIA_Network Development Update 06.18–07.02

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2020.07.02 22:45 NearbyBlueberry9 Strange Experimental Synthesizer Instrumental | Flicker

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2020.07.02 22:45 littlemisfit Sammi Hanratty [irtr]

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2020.07.02 22:45 FreshCalzone1 Atalanta....

They defeat Lazio and Napoli like nothing. I can't believe I ever thought we could catch up to them in 4rth place. I mean it makes me feel a bit better about our inexcusable loss to AC Milan, but champions league hope is a fable man.
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2020.07.02 22:45 soni_fire Replaying heartgold and have some questions related to leveling up

I'm at the 4th gym and I'm wondering if i should level up my under leveled bellsprout and heracross and wait to catch red gyrados or focus on evolving my wooper.
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2020.07.02 22:45 lakers037 Luli Fama Bikini Body

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2020.07.02 22:45 lycacons @joe_rosenthal on Instagram stories, July 2 2020

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